About the Rustic Barn

Our first store in our backyard on the left. Our workshop on the right. 

We've been open since June of 2015. Since then, we've brought in people from all over New England to see our showroom. We've dedicated our lives to building furniture and home goods for people who share our passion and style. We reclaim old, weathered wood materials  and repurpose it into beautiful rustic wood products of all kinds. Products in our showroom range from everyday essentials like hutches, benches, tables and chairs to style pieces like wall signs, sconces and room accents. Our process begins with capturing the raw material from barns and sheds all over New England. Then, we clean all the nails and screws out, sorting the wood into various categories and running it through our milling process. Basically, we run a 100% green operation, using mainly recycled materials. Depending on the piece, we may add some metal component parts such as rusty stars, horseshoes, handles etc. to give some of our barn wood products more of a rustic feel. 


About the Wood

The barn wood we use in our furniture has been sourced from all over New England. Some of the barns that the wood comes from is over 200 years old. Every nail hole, worm hole, burn, crack, knot and groove is unique to that piece of wood. Each imperfection tells a different story and the character of these barn boards simply cannot be replicated. 

A lot of popular furniture companies attempt to replicate this look and manufacture thousands of the same exact tables made from cheaper, imitation wood. One thing that we can promise - no two pieces will ever be alike. 


About the Owners

Steve Martins has been a professional carpenter for over 25 years. The projects under his belt range from start to finish home building, renovations, custom cabinetry, stone/masonry work and just about everything in between. Steve has handcrafted hundreds of pieces of furniture since he started working with barn wood. He encourages the customer to be a part of the creative process in the beginning so that the final product is exactly what he or she as envisioned. 

Lisa Martins has been in retail management for over 15 years. She enjoys creating a unique customer experience through the use of visual display. Lisa has fine tuned the The Rustic Barn into the mythical boutique in the middle of the woods it is today. Every customer that walks through the door is greeted with a smile. Lisa will share with you the details of what makes each piece so special and will guarantee that you walk out of our showroom with something that you love.


You're invited into our workshop!

We build everything on site in our workshop. It's between these four walls that showroom products and custom projects are brought to life by the hands of master craftsman Steve Martins. Steve enjoys working with the customer from the early stages of design all the way to the last nail. For his loyal clients, he's built custom cabinets, wine racks, bars, tables, mantles, headboards and much, much more. See some of his work here. 

If you're looking to build a custom piece of furniture for your home or office, then we encourage you to come down and get involved in the creative process of furniture making. Each piece of furniture we create is handcrafted using authentic re-cycled lumber from the classic barns and buildings of New England. We take special care in reclaiming the wood and fixtures from old barns and sheds to create products that will enrich your home and your life. 

Take a look inside!