We handcraft reclaimed barn wood and traditional material that we distress ourselves into furniture and decor that enrich the homes of our customers.

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Interior Redesign

Do you like how you feel when you are at The Rustic Barn? Then take us home with you through our interior redesign services!

What is interior redesign? This form of design is an efficient, cost-effective and creative way to change the look of a space, room or home. It involves using items that are already in the home to create a fresh look or adding new items to the already existing ones. This process can involve recreating an entire room or rooms that have minimal furniture or décor and adding the missing elements to complete the room. It can also entail utilizing existing items in the room or home and repurposing and placing them in a fresh and more aesthetically pleasing way.


Items that are integrated into your home may include custom furniture pieces and home décor items from The Rustic Barn as well as from other sources. Design additions can include rugs, curtains, table settings, greenery and wreaths, vintage items and more. Additionally, we can redesign porch areas and decks. We also offer seasonal and holiday decorating inside and outside of your home. While we specialize in rustic farmhouse design, we can also work with and integrate other styles.

To schedule a FREE Redesign Consultation and for other inquiries please contact or fill out our form.

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